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Svendborg Ungdomsskole (Svendborg Youth School and clubs) is an organization providing leisure time activities and formal schooling for young people in the municipality of Svendborg.

We cater for young people within the age range 13-18 years. At present 1400 young people join us in the activities offered by the school and clubs. We are a staff of 60 people. 


We aim at providing young people with a frame for developing and consolidating their skills and competences and at supporting their development as active citizens by offering them various options in their leisure time, among others, activities in the youth clubs and courses in e.g. mathematics, sport, ICT, music and languages. We also offer young people from the municipality a number of excursions and trips - both abroad and to other parts of the country, including outdoor activities such as horseback riding, sailing or climbing. 

We aim at expanding our international activities by offering and participating in many different projects. Since 2010 we have hosted and participated in a number of Erasmus+ exchanges with participants from many countries. 


If you would like to invite us to some of your projects or participate in one of our projects within the framework of Erasmus+, you are most welcome to contact us at:


Svendborg Ungdomsskole

Abildvej 2

DK 5700 Svendborg


Tel.: +45 6223 3070

E-mail: ungdomsskolen@svendborg.dk 

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